Five of the Most Common Medical Errors That are Preventable

Based on a report by the National Academy of Sciences, medical errors hurt countless Americans annually and cost billions of dollars every year in increased health costs. Unfortunately, more than 200,000 people pass away from avoidable medical mistakes each year.

The following prevail avoidable medical errors:

Medication errors

Considered the most common kind of medical error, it is also the most preventable. Errors include appointing medication based upon small details. They can also happen due to the absence of existing warnings, in addition to miscommunications based on lousy handwriting. To prevent this problem, you must understand precisely what you are taking, just how much of it, and what you can not take.

Poor communication

The 2nd most common medical error originates from poor communication between doctor and client, in addition to communication in between a doctor and other healthcare service providers. With a vast selection of patients to monitor, tests to carry out, in addition to laboratory results and patient history’s to examine, the possibility of miscommunication to happen is high. It is up to you to help the doctor remember every test you have any details in your case history.


While we expect healthcare facilities to have important sanitation and hygiene measures, they are actually among the most likely places to receive an infection. Given the high amounts of individuals with numerous infections checking out every day, employees can become contaminated. Be sure to practice efficient health and ask your doctor if she or he cleaned their hands after going to the last client.

Lab errors

Wrong test results can cause an incorrect diagnosis and incorrect treatment, while the initial health problem or injury continues to linger. Kinds of common lab errors include MRI or CT taken improperly, samples taken incorrectly, or results misinterpreted. If you think that your laboratory outcomes are incorrect, you deserve to ask for another lab test to confirm.

Pharmacy errors

According to a report by CNN, 30 million Americans are the victim of outpatient medication errors each year. With lots of patients every day, drug stores have the propensity to make mistakes on your medication. To prevent this kind of medical error, understand exactly what your doctor recommended and just how much before making a trip to the pharmacy.